Getting Santa Cruz residents and our friends to the snow since 2014.

Coming soon! We need a webmaster - obviously! Our current "webmaster" is studying madly for her Outdoor Emergency Care final, but new content is expected by the end of November. But in the meantime, here's a brief sympopsys of who we are and what we do, and our first events are described in the right column.

Who we are - a bunch of skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts who are welcoming of like-minded folks to join us for our weekend trips! We take trips to the north shore, where we stay in a lodge with inexpensive hostel-style accomodations ($35/night or less), and enjoy cameraderie on the slopes. Are core group varies in age from 30 to 60+, but we welcome winter sports enthusiasts of all ages, persuasions and abilities!

We are a member of the Bay Ara Snow Sports Council (BAC), a coalition of volunteer-run Bay Area ski clubs, part of the Far West Ski Association (FWSA). Membership in our club (a modest $25/year) includes membership to BAC and FWSA, with discounted lift tickets and inexpensive group trips to far-away ski destinations.

Our first trip will be on the weekend of Dec 12-13, 2015, North Shore Tahoe. Sunday Dec 13 is BAC Club Appreciation Day at Alpine Meadows. $68 buys you a lift ticket and a discounted food voucher - an amazing deal! If you have a Squaw/Alpine season pass, you can still get that food discount. This is available to any dues-paying member. At $25/year, your membership will pay for itself already!

Our first club meeting will be Weds Dec 9, 2015 at Seabright Brewery, 7 PM. Come look for our banner!

For more information, contact santacruzsnowsports@gmail.com